Solitary fibrous tumor of the ilium: A case report

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Solitary fibrous tumors (SFTs) are rare spindle cell tumors that are most commonly found in the mediastinal pleura. Although there are increasingly more reports of extra-pleural SFTs, reports of SFTs in bone are very rare. To our knowledge, a SFT of the ilium has not yet been reported. With low specificity on computer tomograpy and magnetic resonance imaging, SFTs are easily misdiagnosed.

Patient concerns:

A 33-year-old man visited our hospital due to repeated right ilium pain for 3 months. The pain was dull and bearable, with no hip joint dyskinesia. The relevant physical examinations are negative. The patient was healthy before and had a negative family history. Radiologically, a large mass with inhomogeneous attenuation and intensity and obvious heterogeneous enhancement was misdiagnosed as a giant cell tumor of ilium.


The man was diagnosed as the solitary fibrous tumor of right ilium.


The patient was performed an “incision biopsy of the right ilium” and “extended resection of tumor”.


The pathology and immunohistochemistry was confirmed as the solitary fibrous tumors. The patient was followed-up by computed tomography of pelvis in local hospital every 6 mouths, and there is no recurrence and any symptoms.


We learned that the solitary fibrous tumor could locate in the ilium, and when we see imaging manifestations like this case, we should think it may be SFT.

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