Association between MDR1 C3435T polymorphism and colorectal cancer risk: A meta-analysis

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The multidrug resistance gene 1(MDR1) C3435T polymorphism has been reported to be associated with colorectal cancer (CRC) risk in Asians, however the results were inconsistent. Thus, we performed a meta-analysis to generate large-scale evidence on the association between C3435T polymorphism and CRC risk in Asian populations.


The PubMed, Web of Science, Embase, CNKI, and Chinese Biomedicine databases were searched up to January 15, 2017. The odd ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (95% CIs) were calculated by a fixed-effects or random-effects model. Sensitivity and cumulative meta-analysis were also performed.


A total of 7 studies involving 4818 individuals were included in this pooled-analysis. The results suggested that persons carrying a T allele at the C3435T polymorphism had a significantly decreased risk of CRC in Asian population (T vs C: OR = 0.897, 95%CI = 0.826–0.975, P = .01), and the significant association was also observed in another 2 genetic models (TT vs CC: OR = 0.721, 95%CI = 0.605–0.861, P < .001; TT vs TC+CC: OR = 0.679, 95%CI = 0.579–0.795, P < .001). Moreover, the results of sensitivity and cumulative meta-analysis indicated the stable of our results. Finally, funnel plot and Egger's test showed no evidence of publication bias.


In summary, this meta-analysis provided evidence that MDR1 C3435T polymorphism is associated with a decreased risk of CRC in Asian population.

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