Compound grafting of residual vascularized fibular head flap to reconstruct contralateral lateral malleolus: A case report

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Serious external ankle injuries caused by high-energy trauma are often associated not only with bone defect but also with a loss of skin and soft tissue that seriously affects ankle function. Therefore, it is particularly important to reconstruct the external ankle.

Patient concerns:

The patient was a 64-year-old man with destructive injury of both lower extremities due to a machine accident. His left ankle and heel bone, along with the soft tissue, were torn off, and the peripheral blood supply and sensation to the toes of the left foot were lost concerns.


Complicated lateral malleolus defect.


We used a composite tissueflap taken from thefibular head on the left side to reconstruct the rightfibular lateral malleolus.


With the help of a prosthesis, the patient regained basic walking function by the 1 year follow-up.


Using a combined compositeflap of the vascularizedfibular head to reconstruct the lateral malleolus is a good choice.

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