Long-term low-dose tolvaptan treatment in hospitalized male patients aged >90 years with hyponatremia: Report on safety and effectiveness

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The retrospective study aimed at investigating the safety and clinical efficacy of long-term application of tolvaptan in patients >90 years old with hyponatremia. Although tolvaptan has been used to treat hyponatremia, the effect of its long-term use in elderly patients was unknown.Seven patients over 90 with isovolumic or hypervolemic hyponatremia admitted to the PLA Navy General Hospital between October 2011 and October 2013 were enrolled. The patients’ serum sodium levels <135 mmol/L persisted for more than 3 months, and oral treatment with tolvaptan lasted for more than 12 months. Tolvaptan dose started from 7.5 mg once daily, with maximum dose no more than 30 mg daily. Clinical and laboratory data of the patients before and after treatment were compared.Serum sodium and chlorine levels increased significantly in the 1st 3 days after treatment (P < .05). All patients’ serum sodium levels were above 135 mmol/L 1 month after treatment, and sustained through 1 year after treatment, without extra sodium supplementation. No serious complications were observed.The result indicated a significant improvement in the serum sodium levels and no serious adverse effects after long-term use in very elderly patients.

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