Patient and parent reported outcome measures in cleft lip and palate patients before and after secondary alveolar bone grafting

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European and Northern American healthcare authorities increasingly encourage the use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) that complement clinical and laboratory assessments to help holistically evaluate reconstructive outcomes. This is the first study to evaluate PROMs in cleft lip/palate patients who have, or have not, undergone secondary alveolar bone grafting (SABG).

A PROMs study was conducted; 40 consecutive consenting cleft lip/palate children between 8 and 14 years old were included. Twenty patients did, and 20 patients did not, have SABG. PROMs scores from children and parents in the 2 groups were compared.

Forty patients completed the trial. No significant differences in total score from the Chang Gung Short Form-15 (CGSF-15) were found between children and their parents. Children with SABG reported no more oral-nasal regurgitation than children without SABG, but tended to report more nasal obstruction. There were no statistically significant differences in parent reported outcomes between the 2 groups.

Cleft lip/palate patients who underwent SABG reported significantly less nasal regurgitation and more nasal obstruction compared to those patients who did not undergo SABG.

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