Sigmoid colon translocation of an intrauterine device misdiagnosed as a colonic polyp: A case report

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Intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) are recommended as a means of contraception. Translocation of IUD is a rare and serious complication. Colonic inflammatory mass caused by translocated IUD initially misdiagnosed as a colonic polyp is extremely rare and has not been reported yet.

Patient concerns:

This report presents a case of sigmoid colon translocation of intrauterine device on a 37-year-old female patient. Colonoscopy was performed due to her complain of repeated blood in stools and subsequently the patient was misdiagnosed as a sigmoid colon polyp. Nonetheless, the “polyp” was not able to be removed endoscopically.


Sigmoid colon translocation of an intrauterine device.


To further clarify the diagnosis, computed tomography (CT) scan was performed and the “polyp” was confirmed to be caused by a translocated IUD.


The translocated IUD was removed easily by surgery, and the patient recovered soon after the operation.


The present case indicates that an annual gynaecologic examination is necessary to determine the position of the IUD, and a CT examination may help confirm an ectopic IUD.

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