A case report of rectal schwannoma treated with laparoscopic proctectomy

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Schwannomas of gastrointestinal tracts are rare and difficult to detect preoperatively because of negative results of endoscopic and imaging examinations. Here, we reported a case of rectal schwannoma, which was diagnosed by immunohistochemical staining after laparoscopic protectomy.

Patient concerns:

A 61-year-old woman complained of a 1-month history of difficulty in defecation and irregularly abdominal discomfort during her physical checkup in our hospital.


Immunohistochemical staining results after laparoscopic protectomy revealed a strong positive reaction for S-100 protein. Therefore, rectal schwannoma was confirmed.


Treatment with laparoscopic protectomy was given.


Symptoms resolved completely after 12 days of the surgery, and was regular followed-up in outpatient clinic.


Schwannomas are difficult to identify preoperatively, and immunohistochemical staining for S-100 protein is an effective method to diagnose it.

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