Transmissibility and familiality of NEO personality dimensions in a sample of Korean families with schizophrenia

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Categorical syndromes such as schizophrenia may represent complexes of many continuous psychological structural phenotypes along several dimensions of personality development/degeneration. The present study investigated the heritability and familiality of Neuroticism-Extraversion-Openness to experience (NEO) personality dimensions in Korean families with schizophrenic linkage disequilibrium (LD).We have recruited 204 probands (with schizophrenia) with their parents and siblings whenever possible. We have used NEO questionnaires for measuring personality and symptomatic dimensions. Heritabilities of personality dimensions in total 543 family members were estimated using Sequential Oligogenic Linkage Analysis Routines (SOLAR). Personality dimensions in total family members were compared with those in 307 healthy unrelated controls for measuring the familialities using ANOVA analysis.Four of the 5 NEO variables were significantly heritable and were included in the subsequent analyses. The 3 groups (control, unaffected first-degree relative, case) were found to be significantly different and with the expected order of average group scores for all heritable dimensions.Our results show that the aberrations in several personality dimensions could form the complexity of schizophrenic syndrome as a result of genetic–environment coactions or interactions in spite of some limitations (recruited family, phenotyping).

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