Endovascular stenting of a complicated type B aortic dissection in an 11-year-old patient: Case Report

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Rationale:Endovascular aortic repair in children in the case of aortic dissection (AD) is currently unavailable. This is the first report of aortic dissection type B in an 11-years old child treated in endovascular way.Patient concerns:Complicated AD. Since bowel malperfusion and aortic rupture the surgery was necessary in emergency.Diagnoses:Computed angio tomography.Intervention:The modified PETTICOAT technique (Provisional Extension To Induce Complete Attachment) was used.Outcome:Full recovery.Lessons:For the first-time telescope modification were used, to allow aorta to grow with a child. Such a strategy seems to be possible with long overlap and lack of oversizing between implants.

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