Thera-Band application changes muscle activity and kyphosis and scapular winging during knee push-up plus in subjects with scapular winging: The cross-sectional study

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Scapular winging (SW) is defined as increased prominence of the whole medial border of the scapula. Many researchers recently recommended knee push-up plus (KPP) for enhancing serratus anterior (SA) activation. However, during push-up plus, thoracic kyphosis (TK) may usually occur as a compensatory movement. Thus, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of Thera-Band application during KPP on rectus abdominis (RA) activity, TK angle (TKA), SA activity, and amount of SW in subjects with SW.Fifteen subjects performed KPP with Thera-Band applied to different posterior body parts (no Thera-Band, in the occiput, and in the thoracic region). Electromyography was used to record the RA and SA activities. Image J software was used to calculate the compensatory TKA during KPP, and a scapulometer was used to measure SW in the quadruped position. One-way repeated-measures analysis of variance was used to test for significance.KPP with Thera-Band in the occiput showed significantly lower RA activity (P = .001) and TKA (P < .001) than KPP with no Thera-Band. SA activity (P = .020, P = .047) and SW (P < .001, P < .001) were significantly lower with Thera-Band applied to the occiput and thoracic regions than in KPP with no Thera-Band.Thera-Band applied to the occiput and thorax can be beneficial as it decreases RA and SA muscle activity and reduces TKA and SW during KPP in subjects with SW.

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