Treatment of primary tracheal glomus tumors: Two case reports and a literature review

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Rationale:Glomus tumors (GTs) are rare soft tissue neoplasms. Several treatment options have been reported for tracheal GTs including thoracotomy, bronchoscopic electrocautery, Nd: YAG laser, and cryotherapy. However, few studies have evaluated the ideal treatment for tracheal GTs.Patient concerns:A 30-year old man who presented with cough, and expectoration for 1 month, and who had been diagnosed as having a tracheal neoplasm by cervical, and thoracic computed tomography (CT). The patient was a47 years old man. He was admitted to our hospital presenting with intermittent hemoptysis for 3 years. Thoracic CT revealed a round tumor on the right posterior tracheal wall.Diagnoses:Both of them were diagnosed as benign GTs. Histopathology of the tumor showed clusters of round epithelioid cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm, and uniform round to ovoid nuclei surrounding dilated capillaries. Immunohistochemical staining was positive for smooth muscle actin (SMA).Interventions:The tracheal tumor of first patient was located at the level of C7–T1. Tumor resection was performed under fiberoptic bronchoscopy. The tracheal tumor in second patient was located in the lower trachea. Surgical tracheal resection and anastomosis were performed.Outcomes:Both of them achieved good results and no recurrence was seen at the final follow-upLessons:We recommend choosing the most appropriate approach to manage tracheal GTs based on patients’ general condition, and tumor characteristics to obtain an excellent prognosis. Our 2 cases of tracheal GT were managed by different approaches, and both achieved good results.

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