Acute starvation ketoacidosis in pregnancy with severe hypertriglyceridemia: A case report

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Pregnant women are more prone to ketosis due to the relative insulin resistance, accelerated lipolysis and increased free fatty acids.

Patient concerns:

We report a pregnant woman with hyperlipidemia, who experienced severe metabolic acidosis after a short period of starvation.


Based on her clinical symptoms, exclusion diagnosis and therapeutic diagnosis, her condition was diagnosed as starvation ketoacidosis.


An emergency caesarean section under general anesthesia was implemented 2 hours after her admission. The metabolic acidosis was treated with fluid resuscitation using compound sodium lactate, bicarbonate, and 5% dextrose together with insulin 6U.


Both mother and baby were discharged clinically well.


Starvation ketoacidosis may happen in special patient who was in pregnancy and with severe hypertriglyceridemia, after just one day fasting and vomiting.

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