Single intracutaneous injection of local anesthetics and steroids alleviates acute nonspecific neck pain: A CONSORT-perspective, randomized, controlled clinical trial

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Acute nonspecific neck pain is one of the major public health problems lacking efficient treatments. The present study was designed to observe the analgesic effect of intracutaneous injection of local anesthestics and steroids on acute nonspecific neck pain.Thirty-six newly diagnosed with acute nonspecific neck pain patients were randomized to receive ibuprofen (IPB group) or intracutaneous injection of local anesthetics (lidocaine and bupivacaine) and steroid (methylprednisolone) (MLB group). The pain intensity was the primary outcome and evaluated with visual analog scale (VAS). Neck disability index (NDI) and patient global impression of changes (PGIC) were monitored for overall outcomes.Following treatments, patients from the 2 groups have decreased VAS scores and NDI when compared with their baseline level at 3 hours, day 1, and day 3 time points. Interestingly, the MLB group patients have lower VAS scores and NDI than IPB group. MLB patients also had a greater PGIC than IPB group.This study indicates that single intracutaneous injection of local anesthetics and steroids is sufficient to alleviate acute nonspecific neck pain.

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