Comparison between three-dimensional CT and conventional radiography in proximal tibia morphology

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To provide morphological parameters of the normal tibial plateau by using three-dimensional (3D) CT and conventional radiography.We performed morphological measurements of tibial plateau on 157 consecutive adults using radiographic and 3D computed tomography (CT). Gender differences as well as differences in measurement techniques were statistically compared. Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) was used to evaluate intra- and interobserver reproducibility.The mediolateral dimensions, anteroposterior dimensions of tibial plateau showed significant differences according to gender, but no statistical differences were observed in coronal tibial slope as well as in posterior slope. There were significant differences in all parameters between 2 measurement techniques. 3D-CT measurements had a higher ICC in all parameters than that in the radiographs.This study confirmed that 3D morphological measurements of tibial plateau have more reproducibility than radiographs. Our data will be helpful for tibial component design and placement.

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