Treatment of human chronic wounds with autologous extracellular matrix/stromal vascular fraction gel: A STROBE-compliant study

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Stem cell therapy is considered as the most promising treatment for chronic wounds. Extracellular matrix/stromal vascular fraction gel (ECM/SVF gel), an adipose-derived stem cell-based cytotherapy, has shown healing potential in experimental wounds in animal models. However, the effects of ECM/SVF gel on human chronic wounds have not been investigated. The aim of the present study is to investigate the therapeutic effect of ECM/SVF gel on human chronic wounds.

Autologous ECM/SVF gel was prepared and used to treat patients with chronic wounds in clinics, with negative pressure wound therapy as the positive control. Wound healing rate per week and histological changes were performed.

The average wound healing rate per week in the ECM/SVF gel group was 34.55 ± 11.18% compared with 10.16 ± 2.67% in the negative pressure wound therapy group (P < .001). Histological analysis with hematoxylin and eosin, Masson's trichrome staining, and CD31 immunohistochemistry showed less lymphocyte infiltration, more collagen accumulation, and more newly formed vessels in the ECM/SVF gel group treated skins compared to the control.

ECM/SVF gel is an effective therapeutic option for chronic wound healing in clinics.

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