Nurses’ knowledge and practices in the face of the challenge of using the systematization of nursing care as an instrument of assistance in a first aid in Brazil

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Objective: To analyze the performance of nurses in the implementation of nursing care systematization (NCS). This study is a descriptive research developed from a qualitative approach. The content analysis (CA) must be developed through 3 chronological poles allowing the researcher to construct an analysis structure that corresponds to the needs of the research and the objectives of the proposed research; The chronological poles of CA are described as: Phase 1—preanalysis, phase 2—exploration of the material: phase 3—treatment of the results obtained and interpretation. Only a semistructured interview will be conducted with the research subjects who meet the inclusion criteria of the study, preserving the identity of the individuals and guaranteeing the right to quit the research at any time during the interview. The Research Ethics Committee of Hospital of the clinics of Acre, Brazil (Amazon region) under the opinion no. 1.460.960 approved this protocol. The clinical protocol was registered in the “Brazilian Registry of Clinical Trials” validated by the World Health Organization, and received clinical trials “RBR-882rg2.”

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