Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS): A case report of a rare complication after Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum

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Rationale:The Nuss procedure has become a major alternative operation for patients with pectus excavatum (PE).Patient concerns:We report a case of 27-year-old man with PE who developed thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) after the Nuss procedure. The patient showed clinical symptoms of brachial plexus compression.Diagnoses:Further evaluation demonstrated a narrowed space between the first rib and the anterior scalene muscle and compressing the brachial plexus and vessels.Interventions:Nerve nourishing medicine and rehabilitation exercising were taken to restore the muscle strength.Outcomes:Several months later, the clinical symptoms disappeared.Lessons:Medicine and rehabilitation exercising may benefit the functional recovery of impaired nerve in TOS in the early stage of TOS.

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