Management of traumatic hemipelvectomy through ERAS pathway: A case report

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Rationale:Traumatic hemipelvectomy is a rare but life-threatening injury that involves separation of the pelvic ring from pubic symphysis usually results from high energy trauma and associated with other injuries.Patient concern:In this report, we describe a case of traumatic hemipelvectomy, who presented in hemorrhagic shock associated with other injuries such as: right groin injury with limitation of passive movement of right hip and knee joint, left pelvic visceral protruded out, and wrapped by peritoneum, all of the vulva and anal tear, lumbar vertebrae transverse process fracture.Diagnoses:Traumatic hemipelvectomy.Interventions:The patient was managed through enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) pathway with multidisciplinary coordination.Outcomes:Patient was able to walk with prosthesis or crutch, with associated injuries managed appropriately. The course was complicated with hemorrhagic shock and infection which were dealt promptly, with good recovery.Lessons:In our case, the multimodal management through ERAS path has helped decrease stress level, decrease complication, decrease morbidity, decrease the length of stay in the hospital, and aid in faster recovery.

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