Successful retrieval of a plastic bead from the airway of a child by flexible bronchoscopy and a balloon-tipped catheter: A case report and literature review

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Rationale:Bronchial foreign body aspiration is a critical condition that jeopardizes the respiratory function of children. Prompt diagnosis and removal of the foreign body can reduce occurrence of foreign body complications and mortality. Aspiration of spherical plastic beads is rare, and the bead is difficult to retrieve.Patient concerns:An 8-year-old girl developed cough, transient throat wheezing, and intermittent cough after she accidentally inhaled a plastic bead 7 hours ago. Chest computed tomography scan revealed a round shadow 1.2 cm in diameter in the right main bronchus.Diagnoses:Foreign body in the right main bronchus.Interventions:Retrieval by balloon-tipped catheter via flexible bronchoscopy was undertaken.Outcomes:The bead was successfully retrieved and the child recovered uneventfully.Lessons:Foreign body aspiration in children constitutes a medical emergency in severe cases. Flexible bronchoscopy and balloon-tipped catheter retrieval can be used as an effective noninvasive treatment for aspiration of plastic beads.

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