Effect of Montmorillonite powder on intestinal mucosal barrier in children with abdominal Henoch–Schonlein purpura: A randomized controlled study

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Background:Our previous studies found that intestinal barrier function has been changed in children with abdominal Henoch–Schonlein purpura (HSP). Montmorillonite has been shown to be protective for digestive tract mucosa.Objective:The present study aimed to investigate whether Montmorillonite powder could improve the intestinal mucosal barrier function in children with abdominal HSP.Methods:Using a randomized controlled study design, we compared plasma levels of diamine oxidase (DAO), D-lactate, and endotoxin in children with abdominal HSP before and after Montmorillonite powder treatment.Results:Among 28 patients in experimental group and 30 in control group, there was no significant difference in age, sex, height, weight, and course of disease between 2 groups (P > .05). Before treatment, there was no statistical difference in DAO, D-lactic acid, and endotoxin between experimental group and the control group (P > .05). However, significant differences were detected for DAO and D-lactate after treatment in comparison to before treatment in the Montmorillonite experimental group (P < .05). Such differences were not found in the control group (P > .05).Conclusion:Montmorillonite powder is effective in the treatment of HSP via maintaining intestinal mucosal barrier function.

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