Relationship between the anxiety/depression and care burden of the major caregiver of stroke patients

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To investigate the anxiety/depression of caregivers of stroke patients.This study used a cross-sectional survey design and convenience sampling.Totally, 117 caregivers of stroke patients were enrolled. Data were collected from questionnaires. Hamilton anxiety scale, Hamilton depression scale, and Zarit caregiver burden interview were performed. Multiple linear regression and correlation analysis were used.The anxiety score, depression score and total burden score of 117 stroke caregivers were 16.56 ± 8.02, 18.63 ± 9.39, and 25.88 ± 10.35, respectively. Anxiety symptoms, mild to moderate depressive symptoms, and severe depressive symptoms were found in 43.9%, 26.5%, and 27.4% of the caregivers, respectively. Daily care time and medical payment method were influencing factors for anxiety and depression (P < .05). Both anxiety and depression were positively correlated with total care burden score (P < .01).Anxiety and depression are common in the caregivers of stroke patients and are closely related to care burdens. In this regard, appropriate home care guidance, psychological counseling and social support should be provided to the caregivers to reduce their physical and mental burden.

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