Right main bronchial pleomorphic adenoma: A case report and literature review

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Rationale:Tracheobronchial benign tumors are uncommon; particularly, bronchial pleomorphic adenoma is one of the rarest benign tumors that develop in bronchus (only 7 reported cases, among which only 4 cases of pleomorphic adenoma were seen arising from right main bronchus).Patient concerns:In this report, a 38-year-old woman suffered from progressive shortness of breath for 5 years due to right main bronchial pleomorphic adenoma.Diagnoses:The patient was diagnosed as right main bronchial pleomorphic adenoma based on chest computed tomography enhanced scan, bronchoscopy, and histological examination.Interventions:An electrosurgical snare was performed to resect the neoplasm and several APC were administered at the sites of the resection to provide hemostasis and further coagulate for the residual neoplasm.Outcomes:The patient was free of symptoms and the lumen of right main bronchus was clear during the follow-up period for 10 months without any procedure-related complications.Lessons:Bronchial pleomorphic adenoma is extremely rare, however, we should take it into consideration if a patient suffered from shortness of breath without an exact cause.

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