The effect of nursing intervention on preoperative cataract

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This retrospective study investigated the effect of nursing intervention (NIV) in Chinese patients under preoperative cataract (PC). A total of 70 eligible patients with PC were included. Thirty-five patients in an intervention group received regular clinical treatment and NIV before the surgery, while the other 35 patients received regular clinical treatment only. The NIV was applied 4 sessions, 1 week before the surgery. The primary outcome of satisfaction was measured by 11-points visual analog scale. The secondary outcomes were measured by the functional impairment caused by cataract (the VF-14), cooperativeness during the surgery period, and sleep quality. All the outcome measurements were assessed before and after the surgery. After NIV, patients in the intervention group exerted better outcomes in decreasing anxiety (P < .01), increasing current experience with satisfaction (P < .01), and enhancing the cooperativeness during the surgery period (P < .01), compared to those outcomes in the control group. The results of this study showed that NIV may help increase satisfaction in experience and cooperation, and decrease anxiety in Chinese patients with PC.

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