Multiple sclerosis prevalence study: The comparison of 3 coastal cities, located in the black sea and mediterranean regions of Turkey

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The prevalence of multiple sclerosis (MS) has significantly increased all over the world. Recent studies have shown that Turkey has quite a high prevalence. The aim of this study is to estimate prevalence in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions of Turkey and to compare the results.This study was designed as a door to door survey in 3 cities. One is located in the Mediterranean region (South), 2 are located in the Black Sea region (North). A previous validated form was used for screening in the field. The patients were examined first in the field, then in the regional health facility. McDonald criteria were used for the diagnosis.In total, 26 patients were diagnosed with MS. The prevalence was found to be 18.6/100,000 in Artvin (Black Sea region), 55.5/100,000 in Ordu, (Black Sea region), 52.00/100,000 in Gazipaşa (Mediterranean region). The female/male ratio was 2.25.This study is the first prevalence study which was conducted in the Mediterranean City (South) of Turkey. The prevalence rate was found to be higher than expected in the Mediterranean city of Gazipaşa. The results showed that the prevalence varies from region to region. Latitude difference was not observed.

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