Effect of white-coat hypertension on arterial stiffness: A meta-analysis

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Background:White-coat hypertension (WCH) is a debatable risk factor of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases and the current study results on the association between WCH and arterial stiffness are inconsistent. The aim was to investigate the effect of WCH on arterial stiffness using meta-analysis.Methods:Based on prespecified search strategies and inclusion criteria, Medline, Embase, Web Of Science, Cochrane Library, and BioSciences Information Service Preview databases were reviewed. A total of 20 studies involving 1538 WCH patients and 3582 normotensives (NT) were included. Literatures were screened for data extraction and quality assessment. Overall analysis and subgroup analysis were conducted in RevMan version 5.3 and Stata version 14.0 software.Results:Overall analysis showed that carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cf-PWV) was significantly higher in WCH group than in the NT group (P < .00001, 95% CI: 0.79–3.26). Subgroup analysis showed that in adults, cf-PWV was significantly higher in the WCH patients than in the NT subjects (P<.001, 95% CI: 0.46–0.87), while in juveniles, cf-PWV was comparable between the WCH group and the NT group (P = .25, 95% CI: −0.39 to 0.61).Conclusion:This meta-analysis showed that WCH may increase arterial stiffness in adult population.

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