Periclitoral accessory breast tissue in a lactating woman: A case report

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Rationale:The accessory breast is residual mammal tissue which does not regress during the embryonic development. The accessory breast is so rare that it is easily ignored in diagnosis of disease.Patient concerns:We report a 29-year-old lactating woman presented with complaints of periclitoral lesions without any pain or discomfort.Diagnoses:Periclitoral accessory breast tissue.Interventions:We performed wide local resection of the lesions. Pathologic examination confirmed the lesions were ectopic breast tissues with secretory changes. The patient was followed up for 3 months and she was totally recovered.Lessons:Accessory breast tissue should be considered as a diagnosis when a mass grow fast on the milk line, especially the masses changes obviously with sex hormones according to the clinical findings.

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