The differences in epidemiological and psychological features of globus symptoms between urban and rural Guangzhou, China: A cross-sectional study

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To compare the epidemiological and psychological features of globus symptoms between individuals from urban and rural areas in Guangzhou.In total, 3360 individuals aged 18 years and over were selected to participate in our questionnaire investigation using random cluster sampling under the stratification of a urban area and a rural area. The questionnaire comprised questions on personal characteristics and globus symptomatology and psychological characteristic and sleep quality scales.Lifetime prevalence and Glasgow-Edinburgh throat scale scores of globus symptoms were greater in the urban area than in the rural area, but no significant differences in sex ratio or onset age between individuals with globus were found. The incidences and severity of anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders were significantly higher among patients who presented with globus in the urban area than among those in the rural area.The lifetime prevalence of globus symptoms and the psychological features of globus patients differ between urban and rural inhabitants. We should pay more attention to these differences.

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