Spontaneous resolution of isolated neurogenic blepharoptosis after blunt trauma: A case report and literature review

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Rationale:Complete isolated neurogenic blepharoptosis caused by blunt trauma is a sporadically reported rare entity and there is no consensus regarding the optimal treatment. We would like to report a rare case of isolated neurogenic blepharoptosis secondary to eyelid trauma with spontaneous recovery occurring within 4 weeks.Patient concerns:A previously healthy 47-year-old man presented with blepharoptosis in the right eye after eyelid trauma.Diagnosis:At presentation, visual acuity in both eyes was 20/20, and intraocular pressure was within the normal limits. Physical examination showed unilateral ptosis; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed hematoma in the right frontal sinus. No intracranial lesions were observed and the pupillary reactions were normal. The remainder of the examination was unremarkable with full ocular motility. He was diagnosed with an isolated neurogenic blepharoptosis.Intervention and outcomes:He was managed conservatively without any specific treatment. Four weeks later, the patient had normal, symmetric lid height, and levator function was completely restored.Lessons:Isolated neurogenic blepharoptosis can be caused by blunt trauma, which might cause injury to the terminal branch of the oculomotor nerve. In this case, no special treatment was required, and complete resolution was achieved within 4 weeks.

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