In this issue ...
Research in medical education: finding its place
Clinical governance - implications for medical education
Experiences of volunteer patients during undergraduate examinations: printed information can lead to greater satisfaction
A comparison of the educational opportunities on junior medical attachments in general practice and in a teaching hospital: a questionnaire survey
Cultural sensitivity training among foreign medical graduates
The clinical skills resource: a review of current practice
Counting apples with oranges: a limitation of the discrimination index
Assessment in general practice: the predictive value of written-knowledge tests and a multiple-station examination for actual medical performance in daily practice
Core curriculum in psychiatry for medical students
Peer-reviewed publication following presentation at a regional surgical meeting
Developing an integrated clinical skills training course within a new problem based learning curriculum
Evaluation of communication skills teaching to first year undergraduate medical and dental students
Teaching the teachers: the design and evaluation of a course for GP clinical skills teachers
Attitudes about teaching and the use of a clinical skills centre in a London teaching hospital
Clinical method teaching in general practice: the problems of small group dynamics and the disruption of the doctor - patient relationship
Teaching clinical skills using a ward based skills teacher
A primary care skills centre in Inner London: multiprofessional skills training for all ages
A question of medical ethics; the development of a medical ethics teaching pack for use in UK medical schools
Learning the palliative care approach: a survey of the teaching of palliative medicine in UK medical schools in 1998
Sharing information with students: the patient's perspective
Problem-based learning: eleven steps on the continuum
Innovations in teaching palliative care: interprofessional workshops for medical students
Preparing medical students for practice in the area of health informatics: the London-Scotland survey
Monitoring clinical teaching and the core curriculum: an audit of parallel junior surgical firms
Addressing teacher and learner perspectives within a new 'Teaching the Teachers' rolling programme
Trainers and trainees perspective on current rheumatology teaching in North Thames
The design of a training programme for specialist rheumatology trainees in the UK
Tutors' conceptualizations of problem-based learning in an undergraduate medical curriculum
Teaching staff: are they buried treasure?
Medical and pharmacy students learning therapeutics together using problem-based learning (PBL)
Clinical experience in the Cambridge community based course: the use of palm top computers for monitoring experience and guiding education
Teaching psychiatry in a general practice setting - does it work?
Student feedback on clinical skills experience on a new community based course
The use of Nominal Group Technique to explore students' reactions to 'Learning Medicine in the Community'
Questionnaire survey of students' perceptions of learning achievements, opportunities and educational quality of junior medical attachments in general practice and in a teaching hospital
What went wrong? A constructive exploration of clinical mistakes
The 'Wisdom of Solomon'... learning from the real world of paediatric consultants
Why do doctors leave the profession: the results of a study of attrition amongst medical graduates of the King's College School of Medicine and Dentistry who qualified between 1985/86 and 1989/90
Masters degrees and higher specialist training in paediatrics: a preliminary survey of trainees' views
A longitudinal study of Higher Specialist Trainees' perceptions of training: 1994-97
National survey of structured training and formal education programmes in obstetrics and gynaecology
Designing a self-evaluation instrument for pre-registration house officers
The development and evaluation of a blueprint for postgraduate study days for general practitioners
Development of a new OSCE marking schedule based on a combination of item scores and global judgements
Assessing the core and special study modules curriculum: the assessment-to-a-standard approach
Do medical schools assess competence in core practical skills and procedures? A UK survey