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Asking questions - improving teaching
The place of the basic sciences in medical curricula
The decline and fall of humanism in medical education
If you want the surgery done well, get a woman to do it!
Defining international standards in basic medical education: the World Federation for Medical Education has initiated a timely discussion
A surgical career? The views of junior women doctors
The role of basic sciences in a problem-based learning clinical curriculum
The influence of assessments on students' motivation to learn in a therapy degree course
What do medical students read and why? A survey of medical students in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Medical faculty as humanistic physicians and teachers: the perceptions of students at innovative and traditional medical schools
Students, tutors and relationships: the ingredients of a successful student support scheme
The evaluation of undergraduate students' written English language skills
Students' perceptions of the relative advantages and disadvantages of community-based and hospital-based teaching: a qualitative study
Medical students' concerns about communicating with patients
Teaching medical students about disability and rehabilitation: methods and student feedback
WFME Task Force on Defining International Standards in Basic Medical Education. Report of the Working Party, Copenhagen, 14-16 October 1999
Explanatory style and the performance of residents
Contraception: a new practical learning package
Teaching the Teachers
How medical students use World Wide Web resources at a German medical school