In this issue
Research in medical education at the start of the century
Practice into theory
Educational research and randomised trials
Physician communication skills training
The relationship between medical students' attitudes towards communication skills learning and their demographic and education-related characteristics
Trialling a new way to learn clinical skills
Evaluation of procedural skills training in an undergraduate curriculum
What is effective supervision and how does it happen? A critical incident study
Medical students' personality characteristics and academic performance
‘So you row, do you? You don't look like a rower.’ An account of medical students' experience of sexism
Cross-year peer tutoring experience in a medical school
Literature and medicine
Modelling medicine
Call for papers – Really Good Stuff May 2003
Really Good Stuff
International review panel
Teaching of forensic medicine in the undergraduate curriculum in Sri Lanka
Teaching teamwork to medical students
Self-directed learning during community-based placements
Voluntary student research groups in biochemical education
A special study module in hospital management
Developing communication skills for pharmacist-led clinics
Taking the skills lab onto the wards
Evaluating a teaching skills workshop for medical students
The influence of self-deception and impression management on surgeons' self-assessment scores
‘Whose life is it anyway?’ An innovative course on mental health issues
The ethics of teamwork in an interprofessional undergraduate setting
Standardised audio-visual equipment to support the corporate identity of an integrated curriculum
Current forms of psychotherapy
A training post in women's health care for GP registrars
The resident as teacher of medical humanities
Bringing medical ethics to life
Virtual handouts for handheld computers
BaFá BaFá™
Doing it well
Through the Patient's Eyes
Increasing the instructional equivalency at a tri-clinical campus
Conquering conflict in medicine
An integrated structure-function module for first year medical students
Preventive health counselling for paediatric residents
Undergraduate training to expand regional health care
Who's afraid of the pre-school child? A parent and toddler programme for teaching pre-clerkship clinical skills
Integrated simulation experiences to enhance clinical education