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Challenging the ‘canteen culture’ in medicine
Lifelong lessons in competence
Higher education admissions policies tested again
‘Is this worth getting into a big fuss over?’ Everyday racism in medical school
A hidden curriculum
The attitudes of medical students towards homeless people
‘I wouldn't want it on my CV or their records’
Secular trend in medical education regarding infectious disease
Why do doctors attend traditional CME events if they don't change what they do in their surgeries? Evaluation of doctors' reasons for attending a traditional CME programme
Incidence of and sequels to medical problems discovered in medical students during study-related activities
The possible contribution of student drawings to evaluation in a new problem-based learning medical programme
Education and the working patterns of junior doctors in the UK
Differences in learning objectives during the labour ward clinical attachment between medical students and their midwifery preceptors
A multidisciplinary, culturally diverse approach to training health professions students
All the world's a stage
Medical education, palliative care and moral attitude
Medicine as a performing art
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