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Can training and service survive the European Working Time Directive?
Can item response theory help us improve our tests?
Trainee to trained : helping senior psychiatric trainees make the transition to consultant
Experiences from psychiatric rotation for pre-registration house officers : contributions to subjective learning
Clinical skills in junior medical officers : a comparison of self-reported confidence and observed competence
Assessing student reflection in medical practice. The development of an observer-rated instrument : reliability, validity and initial experiences
The interactive examination : assessing students' self-assessment ability
Changes in student approaches to learning with the introduction of computer-supported problem-based learning
Good wine may need to mature : a critique of accelerated higher specialist training. Evidence from cognitive neuroscience
Social and behavioural science education in UK medical schools : current practice and future directions
Teaching anatomy without cadavers
An empirical study of the predictive validity of number grades in medical school using 3 decades of longitudinal data : implications for a grading system
The impact of evidence-based education on a perinatal capacity-building initiative in Macedonia
Contextual tensions of the clinical environment and their influence on teaching and learning
A junior doctor's dismay at a full shift system
Simulated patient versus clinician marking of doctors' performance : which is more accurate?