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Self-directed learning – the importance of concepts and contexts
The importance of clinical outcomes in medical education research
Problem-based learning : let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater
Threats to the validity of clinical teaching assessments : What about rater error?
How can medical students learn in a self-directed way in the clinical environment? Design-based research
‘Sorry, it's my first time!’ Will patients consent to medical students learning procedures?
The Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scale : a factor analysis study
Influence of new educational technology on problem-based learning at Harvard Medical School
Problem-based learning improves the academic performance of medical students in South Africa
General competencies of problem-based learning (PBL) and non-PBL graduates
Electronic delivery of research summaries for academic generalist doctors : a randomised trial of an educational intervention
Do extended matching multiple-choice questions measure clinical reasoning?
Research in clinical reasoning : past history and current trends
Conversation analysis, doctor–patient interaction and medical communication
The use (and abuse) of the term ‘portfolio’
Lumbar puncture experience among medical school graduates : the need for formal procedural skills training