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Self-directed learning – the importance of concepts and contexts
The importance of clinical outcomes in medical education research
Problem-based learning
Threats to the validity of clinical teaching assessments
How can medical students learn in a self-directed way in the clinical environment? Design-based research
‘Sorry, it's my first time!’ Will patients consent to medical students learning procedures?
The Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scale
Influence of new educational technology on problem-based learning at Harvard Medical School
Problem-based learning improves the academic performance of medical students in South Africa
General competencies of problem-based learning (PBL) and non-PBL graduates
Electronic delivery of research summaries for academic generalist doctors
Do extended matching multiple-choice questions measure clinical reasoning?
Research in clinical reasoning
Conversation analysis, doctor–patient interaction and medical communication
The use (and abuse) of the term ‘portfolio’
Lumbar puncture experience among medical school graduates