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Think global, act regional : promoting change in medical education
Looking for the child's perspective
Establishment of a quality and standards advisory group
Accidental hero
The nature of qualitative comments in evaluating professionalism
Defining professionalism in anaesthesiology
Everyday classism in medical school : experiencing marginality and resistance
Explanations in consultations : the combined effectiveness of doctors' and nurses' communication with patients
Teaching paediatric residents about learning disorders : use of standardised case discussion versus multimedia computer tutorial
Doctors' consultations with children and their parents : a model of competencies, outcomes and confounding influences
Children and their parents assessing the doctor–patient interaction : a rating system for doctors' communication skills
Medical education in Southeast Asia : emerging issues, challenges and opportunities
Analysis and prospects for curricular reform of medical schools in Southeast Europe
Developing an education and assessment framework for the Foundation Programme
Effects of item and rater characteristics on checklist recording : what should we look for?
Informal learning in postgraduate medical education : from cognitivism to ‘culturism’