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Time for gun control?
Heuristics and biases − a biased perspective on clinical reasoning
Outreach is better than selection for increasing diversity
‘Dear Editor …’
Routinely collected educational data
Current perspectives in assessment
Answering multiple-choice questions in high-stakes medical examinations
The validity and reliability of the Tertiary Student Values Scale (TSVS)
Reliability of the Clinical Teaching Effectiveness Instrument
Validation of core medical knowledge by postgraduates and specialists
A model for widening access into medicine and dentistry
‘You learn better under the gun’
Attitude towards computer-based learning
Ethical permission for the publication of routinely collected data
Inducing expertise effects in clinical case recall
Early identification of ‘at-risk’ students by the parents of paediatric patients
The stability of maternal ratings of medical student interviews
Use and misuse of Likert scales
Use and misuse of Likert scales
Smoking prevalence in Japanese medical students, 1992–2004
Should cinema be used for medical student education in psychiatry?