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Lost and found horizons
Assessment of a matched-pair instrument to examine doctor−patient communication skills in practising doctors
Promoting lay participation in medical school curriculum development
Much variety and little evidence
Medical students' attitudes toward patient-centred care
Impact of a new curriculum on medical students' interpersonal and interviewing skills
Teaching brief motivational interviewing to Year three medical students
Surgical e-learning
Target-focused medical emergency team training using a human patient simulator
How video cases should be used as authentic stimuli in problem-based medical education
Effectiveness of using blended learning strategies for teaching and learning human anatomy
Expert consensus on contamination in educational trials elicited by a Delphi exercise
Lessons learned from complementary and integrative medicine curriculum change in a medical school
Does teaching style matter? A randomised trial of group discussion versus lectures in orthopaedic undergraduate teaching
Nephrin in medical education and other stories
Peer-led medical student tutorials using the cardiac simulator ‘Harvey’