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Enough rope to hang yourself : word limits in Medical Education
Contesting medical hierarchies : nursing students' narratives as acts of resistance
Accessing e-learning and e-resources
Academic doctors : select but prepare
Concept maps in medical education : an analytical literature review
The transition from medical student to junior doctor : today's experiences of Tomorrow's Doctors
Identifying challenges for academic leadership in medical universities in Iran
Publishing history does not correlate with clinical performance among internal medicine residents
Cultural and hierarchical influences : ethical issues faced by Taiwanese nursing students
Computers, the Internet and medical education in Africa
A peer-reviewed collection of reports on innovative approaches to medical education
Academic counselling for undergraduate medical students of Pharmacology
Online matchmaking enables large-scale individual mentoring
Student learning experiences in a diversified academic environment
Facilitating early identification and support of under-performing students
Using positive deviance to improve student performance
Mentored student project for inculcating research skills
Building research capacity through community-based projects
A family medicine clerkship curriculum in medication errors
Evaluation of a dedicated teaching gynaecology clinic
‘Team Teach’ : a novel approach to ward round teaching
Near-peer workshops for pre-clerkship physical examination skills
Effective direct student observation strategies in neurology
Structuring an internship programme for enhanced learning
The ABC framework for ethical decision making
Teaching empathy through poetry : a clinically based model
Using live theatre in teaching about domestic abuse
Discovering potential, transforming life
Reflections on culture : views on script concordance testing
Responding to the challenges of teaching cultural competency
Actors' personal stories in case-based multicultural medical education
Programme evaluation using student self-assessments
Utilising assessment as a drive for changing teaching
Optimising feedback using the mini-CEX during the final semester programme
Assessing professionalism in undergraduates using an RCGP oral membership examination
Improving assessment of evidence-based medicine skills in medical students
An undergraduate education package on evidence-based medicine : some NICE lessons
Clinical reasoning in resident case presentations
‘Resident-educators’ : a unique approach to resuscitation education
Resident education through electronic medical record counselling prompts
General practice innovation : a Portuguese virtual conference
Needs assessment as a strategic planning tool
A novel learning experience : case-based, evidence-based debate
Using a commitment-to-change strategy to assess faculty development
Impact of an innovative CD-ROM on ambulatory teaching
Epidemiology training needs assessment in Vietnam
Virtual patient design and curricular integration evaluation toolkit
Online spaced education to supplement live courses
Development of an undergraduate curriculum in obstetrical simulation
Blended learning using virtual patients and skills laboratory training
Transforming invasive bedside procedural instruction
Novel undergraduate physiology laboratory using a human patient simulator
Computer-assisted modules to enhance the learning of anatomy by dissection
Developing a web-based multiple-choice question item bank
Teaching anatomy with digital self-learning modules
Electronic interactive learning to supplement acute care teaching
Integration of spirituality courses in Brazilian medical schools
Medical education in global health : student initiatives in the Netherlands
Are UK communication skills curricula applicable throughout the world?