The State of the Science 2012: building blocks for the future
Medical education, social accountability and patient outcomes
Purposeful assessment
Layers within layers … self-regulation in a complex learning environment
To every complex problem there is a simple solution…
Lifelong quality improvement
Educators must consider patient outcomes when assessing the impact of clinical training
Seeking impact of medical schools on health: meeting the challenges of social accountability
Making sense of work-based assessment: ask the right questions, in the right way, about the right things, of the right people
Programmatic assessment and Kane’s validity perspective
History and practice of competency-based assessment
Interprofessional education: a review of context, learning and the research agenda
A reflective analysis of medical education research on self-regulation in learning and practice
Helping medical learners recognise and manage unconscious bias toward certain patient groups
Realist methods in medical education research: what are they and what can they contribute?
Kirkpatrick’s levels and education ‘evidence’
Quality improvement in medical education: current state and future directions
Generic skills in medical education: developing the tools for successful lifelong learning