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Our newest deputy editor
The value of medical education programmes: what are the right questions?
The curse of paradigms?
Transformative learning through longitudinal integrated clerkships
Widening debates about medical professionalism
Rethinking programme evaluation in health professions education: beyond ‘did it work?’
Longitudinal integrated rural placements: a social learning systems perspective
Student perceptions of assessment and feedback in longitudinal integrated clerkships
Applying the cognitive theory of multimedia learning: an analysis of medical animations
Teaching for understanding in medical classrooms using multimedia design principles
In the eye of the beholder: student perspectives on professional roles in practice
New consultants mastering the role of on-call supervisor: a longitudinal qualitative study
Preparation courses for a medical admissions test: effectiveness contrasts with opinion
An onion? Conceptualising and researching identity
Response to ‘Conflict in medical teams: opportunity or danger?’
Systematic reviews: stimulating the research agenda through appropriate questions