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Authentic clinical experiences and depth in systems: toward a 21st century curriculum
The science of learning and medical education
Adopting programmatic feedback to enhance the learning of complex skills
Social media and medical professionalism
When I say … epistemic curiosity
Expertise in medicine: using the expert performance approach to improve simulation training
Methods of teaching medical trainees evidence-based medicine: a systematic review
Legitimate workplace roles and activities for early learners
Educational impact of an assessment of medical students' collaboration in health care teams
What is appropriate to post on social media? Ratings from students, faculty members and the public
Patient-centred education: what do students think?
Test-enhanced learning and its effect on comprehension and diagnostic accuracy
Making sense of feedback experiences: a multi-school study of medical students' narratives
Clinical teachers' perspectives on cultural competence in medical education
A conversation about the role of medical regulators
Biases in course evaluations: ‘what does the evidence say?’
Using equivalence designs to improve methodological rigor in medical education trials