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The editorial term of Professor Henry Walton (Volumes 10–31)
Revisiting ‘Assessment of clinical competence using an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)’
Literature reviews in the health professions: It's all about the theory
Quality and literature reviews: beyond reporting standards
Tips for a great review article: crossing methodological boundaries
Context matters: groupthink and outcomes of health care teams
Fit for purpose? Selection processes should consider aptitude in terms of skills, personal characteristics and context
The dangers of assuming the generalisability of non-technical skills
Are all peer tutors and their tutoring really effective? Considering quality assurance
Being a good supervisor: it's all about the relationship
When I say … literature reviews
Are we at risk of groupthink in our approach to teamwork interventions in health care?
The predictive value of aptitude assessment in laparoscopic surgery: a meta-analysis
Meta-analysis and review of learner performance and preference: virtual versus optical microscopy
Non-technical skills and health care provision in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review
Prevalence of depression amongst medical students: a meta-analysis
Same-level peer-assisted learning in medical clinical placements: a narrative systematic review
Competencies to enable learning-focused clinical supervision: a thematic analysis of the literature