CorteXpert: A model-based method for automatic renal cortex segmentation

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HighlightsA precise clinical definition of renal cortex.A localization algorithm for the outer and the inner layers of the renal cortex.A purely delineation-based algorithm, which is not only accurate but also extremely efficient.A non-uniform graph search method is presented to obtain accurate segmentation.Graphical abstractThis paper introduces a model-based approach for a fully automatic delineation of kidney and cortex tissue from contrast-enhanced abdominal CT scans. The proposed framework, named CorteXpert, consists of two new strategies for kidney tissue delineation: cortex model adaptation and non-uniform graph search. CorteXpert was validated on a clinical data set of 58 CT scans using the cross-validation evaluation strategy. The experimental results indicated the state-of-the-art segmentation accuracies (as dice coefficient): 97.86% ± 2.41% and 97.48% ± 3.18% for kidney and renal cortex delineations, respectively.

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