In vitro tests for evaluation of the hatchability of the eggs of Psoroptes mites following exposure to acaricidal compounds

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Three in vitro assays for the evaluation of the hatchability of the eggs of the mite Psoroptes ovis (Hering) (Acari: Psoroptidae) are described. Preliminary trials showed that hatching occurs at very high rates when eggs are incubated under conditions of high humidity, on a liquid medium and in agarose dishes. These three protocols were compared, taking into account the ease of preparation, follow-up and accuracy of counting. The best protocol was found to be the use of agarose dishes. It was accurate, easy to carry out and reproducible for further evaluation of existing or potentially new compounds against both adults and eggs of Psoroptes spp. The acaricidal properties of phoxim and amitraz were then evaluated against eggs and adults using the three protocols. Results showed that for both drugs, in vitro adulticidal activity was complete, whereas the in vitro ovicidal activity was only partial. Nevertheless, efficacy of amitraz against both adults and eggs was shown to be higher than that of phoxim.

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