Chest pain and shortness of breath in a collegiate basketball player
Exercise-induced muscle damage—animal and human models
Muscle function after exercise-induced muscle damage and rapid adaptation
Structural and mechanical basis of exercise-induced muscle injury
Alterations in the sarcoplasmic reticulum
The use of nuclear magnetic resonance to evaluate muscle injury
A comparative evaluation of the individual anaerobic threshold and the critical power
Endurance training-induced increases in expiratory muscle oxidative capacity
Respiratory, muscular, and overall perceptions of effort
Differential effects of dietary carbohydrate on RPE at the lactate and ventilatory thresholds
Physical activity and growth, maturation and performance
Factors influencing rearfoot kinematics during a rapid lateral braking movement
Biomechanical and orthopedic concepts in sport shoe construction
The effectiveness of weight-belts during multiple repetitions of the squat exercise
Effects of blood sampling technique and exercise on plasma androgens in female rats
The validity of visual estimations of percent body fat in lean males
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