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Sport, science, and society
Traumatic myocardial infarction during competitive volleyball
Dissipation of claudication pain after walking
Cigarette smoking and submaximal exercise test duration in a biracial population of young adults
Survey of NCAA institutions concerning HIV/AIDS policies and universal precautions
Effect of exercise on natural cytotoxicity and pulmonary tumor metastases in mice
The effects of detraining on power athletes
Eccentric muscle performance of elbow and knee muscle groups in untrained men and women
Perceived exertion during hypobaric hypoxia in low- and moderate-altitude natives
Dry-land resistance training for competitive swimming
Effect of sodium bicarbonate ingestion on exhaustive resistance exercise performance
Carbohydrate ingestion during exercise
Validation of a cycle ergometry equation for predicting steady-rate ·VO2
Dear Editor-In-Chief
Dear Editor-In-Chief
Extraarticular Reconstruction in the Anterior Cruciate Deficient Knee
Strength Training for Young Adults
Foods, Nutrition, and Sports Performance
Medicine and Sport Science, Vol. 37
Helping Athletes with Eating Disorders