Acute fracture bipartite patella
Intermediate and long-term anaerobic performance of elite Alpine skiers
Aspects on muscle properties and use in competitive Alpine skiing
Muscle activity in slalom and giant slalom skiing
Anterior cruciate ligament injury in elite Alpine competitors
The surgical treatment of knee injuries in skiers
Physical activities of noninstitutionalized Dutch elderly and characteristics of inactive elderly
Physical activity, physical fitness, and coronary heart disease risk factors
Daily energy expenditure in male endurance athletes with differing energy intakes
Run training versus cross-training
Exercise-induced muscle damage
Increased [lactate] in working dog muscle reduces tension development independent of pH
Phosphocreatine kinetics in humans during exercise and recovery
Selenium and training effects on the glutathione system and aerobic performance
Peak torque per unit cross-sectional area differs between strength-trained and untrained young adults
Variation in the aerobic demand of running among trained and untrained subjects
Influence of heel height on ankle joint moments in running
Selected psychophysiological stress responses in men with high and low body fatness
Cardiovascular fitness as related to leg strength in adults with mental retardation
Compatibility of adaptive responses with combining strength and endurance training
Effects of menstrual cycle phase on athletic performance
A generalized equation for prediction of JOURNAL/mespex/beta/00005768-199503000-00025/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-05-02T160817Z/r/image-png O2peak from 1-mile run/walk performance
Estimation of aerobic capacity from submaximal cycle ergometry in women
% JOURNAL/mespex/beta/00005768-199503000-00025/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-05-02T160817Z/r/image-png O2max versus %HRmax regressions for six modes of exercise
Exercise Physiology
Toward Active Living
Keep on Running
Health and Fitness Through Physical Education