Multiaxis muscle strength in ACL deficient and reconstructed knees: compensatory mechanism
Hip muscle imbalance and low back pain in athletes: influence of core strengthening
Resistance exercise and bone turnover in elderly men and women
Association of physical activity and bone: influence of vitamin D receptor genotype
The prevention of shin splints in sports: a systematic review of literature
Effect of mouthguards on dental injuries and concussions in college basketball
Soft tissue thermodynamics before, during, and after cold pack therapy
Maximal oxygen uptake and lactate metabolism are normal in chronic fatigue syndrome
Implementation of the Ottawa ankle rule in a university sports medicine center
Concentric or eccentric training effect on eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage
The response of rabbit patellar tendons after autologous blood injection
Menopause, estrogen, and training effects on exercise hemodynamics: the HERITAGE study
Adaptations to short-term high-fat diet persist during exercise despite high carbohydrate availability
Determination of the exercise intensity that elicits maximal fat oxidation
Ventilatory and gas exchange responses during heavy constant work-rate exercise
Vertical jump coordination: fatigue effects
Alteration of the position sense at the ankle induced by muscular fatigue in humans
Foot strike patterns after obstacle clearance during running
A three-dimensional shank-foot model to determine the foot motion during landings
Children’s OMNI Scale of Perceived Exertion: walking/running evaluation
Predicted maximal aerobic power in youth is related to age, gender, and ethnicity
V̇O2 reserve and the minimal intensity for improving cardiorespiratory fitness
Occupational physical activity is related to physical fitness in young workers
Knee and ankle joint stiffness in sprint running
Bone density in female elite gymnasts: impact of muscle strength and sex hormones
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