Concurrent Validation of the OMNI Perceived Exertion Scale for Resistance Exercise

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ROBERTSON, R. J., F. L. GOSS, J. RUTKOWSKI, B. LENZ, C. DIXON, J. TIMMER, K. FRAZEE, J. DUBE, and J. ANDREACCI. Concurrent Validation of the OMNI Perceived Exertion Scale for Resistance Exercise. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 35, No. 2, pp. 333–341, 2003.PurposeConcurrent validity of the newly developed OMNI-Resistance Exercise Scale (OMNI-RES) of perceived exertion was examined for 18- to 30-yr-old women (N = 20) and men (N = 20) performing biceps curl (BC) and knee extension (KE) exercise. Methods:The criterion variables were total weight lifted (Wttot) determined separately for women and men during BC and KE, and blood lactic acid concentration ([Hla]) determined for a combined female (N = 10) and male (N = 10) subset during BC. Subjects performed three separate sets of 4, 8, and 12 repetitions for BC and KE at 65% one-repetition maximum. Rating of perceived exertion for the active muscles (RPE-AM) was measured during the mid and final repetition and RPE for the overall body (RPE-O) during the final repetition. Results:For both female and male groups across the three sets: (a) RPE-AM ranged from 3.6 to 8.2 for BC and 5.1 to 9.6 for KE and (b) RPE-O ranged from 2.4 to 6.7 for BC and 4.2 to 7.6 for KE. Positive linear regressions ranged from r = 0.79 to 0.91 (P < 0.01) between Wttot and RPE-AM (mid), RPE-AM (final), and RPE-O for both BC and KE in both sex groupings. A positive (P < 0.01) linear regression was found between [Hla] and RPE-AM (final) (r = 0.87) during BC. RPE did not differ between women and men at any measurement point within each set for BC and KE. RPE-AM (final) was greater (P < 0.01) than RPE-O in the three sets of BC and KE.ConclusionFindings provided concurrent validation of the OMNI-RES to measure RPE for the active muscle and overall body in young recreationally trained female and male weight lifters performing upper- and lower-body resistance exercise.

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