Assessment of Physical Activity in Anorexia Nervosa and Treatment Outcome
Spinal Cord Injury Level and the Circulating Cytokine Response to Strenuous Exercise
Whole-Body Heat Loss during Exercise in the Heat Is Not Impaired in Type 1 Diabetes
β-1 Adrenergic Agonist Mitigates Unloading-Induced Bone Loss by Maintaining Formation
Effects of Concurrent Training on Oxidative Capacity in Rat Gastrocnemius Muscle
Exercise Attenuates M1 Macrophages and CD8+ T Cells in the Adipose Tissue of Obese Mice
Catechins Suppress Muscle Inflammation and Hasten Performance Recovery after Exercise
Exercise Benefits in Chronic Graft versus Host Disease
Testosterone Signals through mTOR and Androgen Receptor to Induce Muscle Hypertrophy
Anodal tDCS Applied during Strength Training Enhances Motor Cortical Plasticity
Neuromuscular Activity and Knee Kinematics in Adolescents with Patellofemoral Pain
Effects of Different Visual Stimuli on Postures and Knee Moments during Sidestepping
Upper Limb Muscle–Bone Asymmetries and Bone Adaptation in Elite Youth Tennis Players
Body Segment Parameters of Young Chinese Men Determined with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Red Cell Volume Expansion at Altitude
Metabolic and Muscle Damage Profiles of Concentric versus Repeated Eccentric Cycling
Mild Hypohydration Decreases Cycling Performance in the Heat
Effect of High Dietary Restraint on Energy Availability and Menstrual Status
Effects of Nitrate on the Power–Duration Relationship for Severe-Intensity Exercise
Changes in the Energy Cost of Running during a 24-h Treadmill Exercise
Fructose–Maltodextrin Ratio Governs Exogenous and Other CHO Oxidation and Performance
Postresistance Exercise Ethanol Ingestion and Acute Testosterone Bioavailability
Energy Expenditure of Constant- and Variable-Intensity Cycling
Immunology, 3rd Edition
Manual of Traumatic Brain Injury Management